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My Very First Blog Post!

Ok, I lied.

It's actually my second.

See my actual very first blog post here: "Ready Kali?! 1, 2, 3...JUMP!!


But we'll pretend this is my First Official One.

Who needs an intro anyway, right?

So! I've started a blog! I'll make this one super short.

Lots of stuff to come soon, mainly because I've found it's interesting to sit down, reflect, and document your thoughts and memories. This really connects me with my current work in photography and filmmaking, which has only been influenced by many years (25+) of musical education and performance experiences.

Still, I ask myself this constantly:


"Do artists create, draw, sing, play... for themselves? Or for an audience?"

"What does it mean if a chef creates an outstanding dish... but for no one to consume and criticize?"

"What if a composer composes a masterpiece of a string quartet or symphony... but no musicians play it?"

"What if a string quartet performs for an empty hall?"


"Are they still presenters? Artists? What is their art form for? Who is their art form for?"


As I progress to jot down and share some of my thoughts over the next months, I look forward to returning upon this post - and others, and re-reading some of my public opinions, and seeing how they develop.

Any friends, families, students... - STRANGERS..?! - are all welcome to read and share some of my following blog entries to anyone they wish. I've reached a point in all my work (teaching, performing, photographing, filming, directing, producing, collaborating, promoting, reflecting, etc.) that I think it would be healthy to sit down and just write. Just... document - thought journals, experiments, podcasts, and interviews that might be worthy to share with an external party.

I'll finish with this great inspirational quote I found:

Because blog entries need lame pictures and quotes. (Disclaimer: it's not inspiring)

Here's another one. Just cause.

(Above image source: Google)


(Ok, so I failed on the 'make this super short' part.

I tend to do that... most of my close friends know from reading my emails and memos. *insert familiar eye roll here from one of my best friends*)


Ok bye.


(3.24.19 | 1:53 AM)


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