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This is Alex. He jumps high. Very high.

Meet my awesome friend, Alex:


He's from Ossining, New York.

Currently, he dances as a Trainee with Charlotte Ballet (2018-2019)

He's a ballet dancer. (With killer abs)

We met at Chautauqua, NY in 2017:



And I love photographing him jumping.

Just look at this:






Oh, did I mention this?

And a screenshot from Reminiscence - a dance production I filmed and produced with Alex and Boston Ballet Ballerina, Mia Steedle in 2017.


So in summary, this is Alex.

He's a pretty cool dancer.

He dances. He prances. He can probably jump over 5 feet if he wanted to.

And he was recently featured and interviewed on the Danseur (2018) Documentary, directed by Scott Gormley.

And yes, he's single, ladies. ;)


(Triple Pointe Photography | Official Photography of Triple Pointe Media)

For all my ballet photographs to date, check out my photography page on Instagram!

(3.24.19 | 3:07 AM)


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