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My Downtown Private Teaching Studio





What type of lessons/length do you offer?


I teach private piano, violin, and theory classes only 1 hour in length.

Unfortunately, I don't teach group classes.

我私人教授钢琴,小提琴,和音乐理论课,1 小时课程。目前不教授团体课。



Do you offer beginner lessons to children with no previous musical experience?


Yes! I have over 18+ years experience of private teaching and specialize in teaching young children and adults with no prior musical experience or education. Most of my students want to learn both piano and violin instead of going to two different teachers. I also teach theory and have supervised, taught, and evaluated several Graduate Courses for Violin Education at the University Level.

Most of my adult students come from a variety of fields, including software engineers, IT architects, government employees, bank management, marketing, lawyers, and young adults who have an interest in music. The other group are high school students involved with senior strings programs who want a boost in their confidence or are pursuing an RCM High School Credit.


I also teach serious pre-professional students for both violin and piano - several of which have gone on to complete their ARCT Diplomas and major in Music Performance at the University Level.

是的! 我有超过十年的私教课经验,尤其擅长教授儿童或成人初学者没有任何音乐学习经验。


他们中的几个已经完成了他们 ARCT 文凭并主修大学的音乐表演。


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Where is your studio located? 


I teach downtown Toronto in my condo, located at College Station.

My studio includes an acoustic piano, music supplies, and other audio/video recording equipment available for music students if they need.

我的工作室在市中心,靠近 College 地铁站。



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Where should I get violin supplies?

那里可以购买小提琴和相关附件 ?

I highly recommend The Soundpost - a great place for violin strings, bow re-hairs, shoulder rests, instrument maintenance, rosin, books, etc. for the beginner to advanced student.

Their shop (93 Grenville St, Toronto, ON) is located one block away from where I live.

They also supply very cheap instrument rentals for students who want to try out for a couple of months with no commitment.

我非常推荐 The Soundpost - 个好地方可以购买小提琴琴弦,换弓毛,肩垫,乐器保养,松香,乐谱,适合初学者和进阶的学习者。他们的商店 (93 Grenville St, Toronto, ON) 离我的住所只有一个街口。



Can you help me set up/tune/fix my violin?

Can you accompany me to The Soundpost and choose an instrument for me? 


I am happy to help students with their usual 'maintenance problems' in terms of getting the right string pitch, fixing the bridge, and broken strings. I have also helped students in the past choose the right instrument at The Soundpost for them, but charge hourly for this time.




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How long are lessons?


I only teach1 hour long, private lessons.


What is your private lesson rate?


1 Hour Lesson: $100 CAD

1小时:$100 CAD

Unfortunately, I do not offer free trial lessons.


*All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice*



I want to prepare my child for RCM Examinations & Local Competitions.

Do you provide accompaniment as well? 



Yes, I do. I have accompanied at the National Level of the Canadian Music Competitions before for Violin/Piano duets and Piano Concerti.

Students who study with me will be working with me personally as an accompanist for their exams and performances, with no extra rehearsal charge.



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How would you like us to pay? 


I've found with my students that cash before/after the lesson, or e-transfer works best on a per lesson basis. Parents who bring several children for lessons are also welcome to pay for all monthly lessons in advance at the beginning of the month.




Can we record lessons? Can lessons be filmed?

I encourage my students to audio record their lessons as they see fit, as it helps review of the material covered during their personal practices. As well, I offer full HD videography for lessons - usually popular with young children and parents - and a private link with the edited and processed video for the parents to review. I charge a small fee of $5 (each) for these videos.

Please note that for students who wish to record, that they are not permitted to reproduce, promote, post, share, or use these recordings for any purpose other than their personal private use.


Do you have any cancellation policies? 


Students who cancel lessons within a 24 hour time frame before their scheduled lesson due to any reason other than a medical or family situation will not receive a refund or make-up lesson.

This simple rule allows fairness to other students who request a certain time of the week.

学生在 24 小时内取消课程,如果不是由于生病或家庭状况,将不会收到退款或补课。



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