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Chautauqua Institution, New York

Behind the Scenes of "Transcendence" Production

Dancers, Lexi Johnston, Sarah Lapointe, James Kopecky, & Joshua James Hall

Stelth Ng, Theodore James, & Luke Saagi

Transcendence: Hold On

Behind the Scenes photographs and footage screenshots of production, "Transcendence: Hold On"


The Grigori String Quartet & Charlotte Ballet.

Filmed: May 2017 (String Quartet)

              July 2017 (Charlotte Ballet)

Production Release: January 2018

YouTube Video Link: Transcendence: Hold On (Official 5K HD)

Vimeo Video Link: Transcendence: Hold On


Chautauquan Daily Article:


Grigori String Quartet


Violin I: Stelth Ng

Violin II: M Gillian Carrabré 

Viola: Matt Antal

Cello: Tess Crowther 


Charlotte Ballet I Dancers


Sarah Lapointe 

Lexi Johnston 

James Kopecky 

Joshua Hall 


Transcendence: Hold On


Laura Sgroi

Audio Recording & Production

Matt Antal


Luke Saagi


Assistant Camera

Brad Waller

Matt Wilkshire

Theodore James

Hailey Gavin

Behind The Scenes Footage

Hailey Gavin

Directed, Produced, and Edited by Stelth Ng 

The Chautauquan Daily Newspaper

"Musician Stelth Ng Collaborates With Charlotte Ballet for Second Year"

 By Ryan Lindsay

Published August 4, 2017

The work is set to a movement of string quartet music by Sgroi, a Toronto composer, and Ng said each dancer is meant to “represent their own individual instrument in the string quartet.”


Ng called Sgroi’s piece, Transcendence: Hold On,” a movement that is “absolutely beautiful and haunting.”


He recorded it in May with a string quartet in Toronto.

"The two female leads embody “the upper voices,” the first and second violins, while the two male leads represent “the lower voices,” the viola and cello."

“While anyone who’s listening to the string quartet will hear a duet between the cello and violin,” Ng said, “I want the dance side of it to see the pas de deux happen between the respective female and male dancers.

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