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Cinematography, Stelth Ng (Drone Footage)

Alice Kim, Cello & Julie McLachlan, Dancer

Behind the Scenes from Production, "Prelude"

Scarborough Bluffs, September 2018

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Got Questions? See if I haven't already answered them here!


Do you offer beginner lessons to children with no previous musical experience?

Yes! I have over 10+ years experience of private teaching and specialize in teaching young children and adults with no prior musical experience or education. Most of my students want to learn both piano and violin instead of going to two different teachers. I also teach theory and have supervised, taught, and evaluated several Graduate Courses for Violin Education at the University Level.


Most of my adult students come from a variety of fields, including software engineers, IT architects, government employees, bank management, marketing, lawyers, and young adults who have an interest in music. The other group are high school students involved with senior strings programs who want a boost in their confidence or are pursuing an RCM High School Credit.


I also teach serious pre-professional students for both violin and piano - several of which have gone on to complete their ARCT Diplomas and major in Music Performance at the University Level.

Where is your studio located? 

I teach downtown Toronto in my condo, located at College Station.

My studio includes an acoustic piano, music supplies, and other audio/video recording equipment available for music students if they need.

Where should I get violin supplies?

I highly recommend The Soundpost - a great place for violin strings, bow rehairs, shoulder rests, instrument maintenance, rosin, books, etc. for the beginner to advanced student.

Their shop (93 Grenville St, Toronto, ON) is located one block away from where I live.

They also supply very cheap instrument rentals for students who want to try out for a couple of months with no commitment.

Can you help me set up/tune/fix my violin?

Can you accompany me to The Soundpost and choose an instrument for me? 

I am happy to help students with their usual 'maintenance problems' in terms of getting the right string pitch, fixing the bridge, and broken strings. I have also helped students in the past choose the right instrument at The Soundpost for them, but charge hourly for this time.

How long are lessons?

I only teach 45 minute (for children) and 1 hour long, private lessons.

What is your private lesson rate?

1 Hour Lessons: $80

Unfortunately, I do not offer free trial lessons.



Do you only photograph dancers?

Creative Ballet Photography remains to be my primary focus, but I am also busy with studio photography for professional headshots, corporate photos, family/children passports, LinkedIn profile photos, and engagement photos. 


You can check out some of my work at my Downtown Studios Page.

Feel free to follow my photography pages on Instagram for the latest posts!

Ballet Photography:

Downtown Studio Photography: @triplepointestudios

What equipment and services do you use/provide?

I work with professional cinematographers in the city, and have my own 4K UHD Stabilizing Video equipment for cinematic follow shots, DJI Phantom 4 Drone for aerial footage, a variety of photographic backdrops, softbox lights, and fog machine, along with professional audio recording and photography equipment.

I do all of the video shooting myself - complete with editing. 

If a student needs any headshots or audition videos (audio & video), I am happy to help!

Some of the services I provide include:

  • HD Video Recording - Filming & Editing

  • Events, Corporate, & Creative Photography

  • Audio Recording & Production

  • Private Piano, Violin, & Theory Lessons

  • DVD Design, Production, & Printing

How long is a photoshoot session?

I charge according to each completed job, not on a per hour basis.

Usually, shoots take around 2 hours. 

Can I purchase a photoshoot for one of my friends/family/cats?

Yes! :)

I offer discounted rates for family members and friends of previous clients. Cats are extra.


What promo videos do you do?

I film and record promotional videos for Independent Dance Studios and Academies in the GTA, dance summer intensive auditions, music festival auditions, resort events, interviews, and self-promo videos for independent artists.

I know exactly what looks good for dancers and musicians; have directed multiple productions, and edited every single one of them. If a studio wants more social media exposure or to target a larger audience for students, HD Video with solid and precise technical shots is the way to go.


For dancers or violin students, live piano accompaniment is also available for an additional fee.

Audio, video editing, and processing is all included.















































How much do you charge for a complete video/filming?

For HD audition videos, it depends on the length and type of application:

I start at $300.

For anything up to a three minute dancer or musician promo video*:

 I start at $400.

*Drone footage is available for an extra fee of $50.*

For studio shows/trailers, event promotions and interviews:

$500 for up to 10 minutes of finished content.

Personal DVD Cover & DISC Designs are catered to the client's preferences:

Unique DVD Designs are $100. (Photoshop file included)

Archival Filming (Studio Showcases/Concerts/Recitals, etc.):

$80 per hour of live filming.

$60 per hour of post-production & editing.

DVD Printing, Designs, & Production are separate inquiries, and not included with the filming package.


Please contact me for details.


I am a musician/dancer and would love to work with a dancer/musician. Can we produce something creative?

Absolutely! My primary focus over the years has been trying to close the gap that exists between pre-professional musicians and dancers, who rarely get the chance to work with each other. I strongly feel both art forms have so much to learn from each other's craft.


It is incredibly inspiring to have choreography set to music you've worked on your whole life, and to see a completely different dimension to it.


I produce everything from small-scale productions (where I film, direct, and edit), starting at $500+ to large-scale productions, up to $10k+ where I hire my own professional cinematography/lighting crew, make-up artist, and choreographer - complete with venue rental.

Usually for these larger productions, I prefer to shoot exclusively on RED Digital Cinema Cameras.


I have experience producing films at a variety of outdoor and indoor locations, including lakes (sunset), forests, beaches, skating rinks, performance venues, art galleries, and concert halls. 


Previous productions with Charlotte Ballet & DanceTeq Toronto were shot on the RED Scarlet Dragon & RED Epic-Weapon.

I direct, produce, and oversee the entire production as well as completing the post-production work, from editing to colouring on DaVinci Resolve.

 Contact Me if you are passionate about this.

Check out Behind the Scenes of my previous productions here


What are you working on now? What's next?

Among other projects I am currently undertaking, my main current focus includes providing the Toronto Community with productions of live classical ballet & musicians, starting a non-profit that connects the visually impaired with dance and music, and producing films that spread awareness of mental illness, connect ballet dancers and musicians, and challenges the stereotype surrounding visually impaired and blind patients in the workplace. 

Triple Pointe Media:

"Connect. Present. Inspire."

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